Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


One day two day Done day new day

Fun day none day

Then what


Five days of the week

Staring at the screen has got me

Feeling bleak

Waiting for the day

When the weather gets better

Waiting for the age

When we get it together

Staying so afraid of the flight and the feathers

But you’re bound to wake and contemplate

Then what


Change change change change

Change is on the move

A new blade falls on a piece of grass

But maybe that’s news to you


Wake and face your vegetable food

A new fate falls on the plate of the masses

But baby it’s all groove

I’ll be here in the morning


Days days daze

Each day’s the same to you

The same old place where you lean back

And wish your dreams came true


Wait and stay complacent

If you choose

You plant your flag

And count your cash

And hope that things improve

But I’ll be here in the morning


Better work hard

Better run hard

Better run fast

Better pull hard boy

Better work hard

Better get a job

Better get a job hard

Better get a job