I fall far away

Back into a dream

The stars are aligned the same

But something’s incomplete


I doze off in a daze

Shaking in my sheets

I know that I’m not awake

But I’m standing in the street

When I see your face


Oh my, that face

Staring straight at me

It’s not the first time

That I’ve seen those eyes

Acting indiscrete


Real life

In disguise

Right there at my feet

Often it seems like I find my mind

Right there on repeat


They try to shackle my head

And keep me down

So Sam,

I am moving


I jump out of my bed

But the crowd’s too loud

I tell you

You can choose it too


The poorest of the poor

Always seeking more


But baby it’s improving


Tell someone you adore

That you’re really floored now

You’ve got such a pretty face,

Such a pretty face